Fred Neilen Hey to all, I have been waiting for a CUPP reunion. Have been going to CAP reunions for 20 years. Was with teams 1, 5. and 7. Jeep driver from firebase to teams with resupply. Was with Bones Murphy when he first came in country. Was on the firebase the night he was KIA. God Bless. Semper Fi.. Fred Neilen

From Steve Prowant: For Dennis Kirkpatrick, Dennis, are you Greg's brother? A close friend of mine was in CUPP 4. I believe in 1970. If you are Greg's brother you and my friend live near each other. Perhaps you want to contact him and get info about future reunions, or simply meet us for a beer some evening. Tell Greg, and I can make it happen. Steve Prowant, Packaging Specialties 800-777-9911

From: Steve Prowant:  Monday 7 Oct. Good Morning Marines! I had a chance to talk to Ed Wales over the weekend, and he told me the reunion was FANTASTIC! I hope you all felt the same way.

From Fred Montes: To CUPP Marines and their wives. Thank you so much for the welcome home. To see and visit with fellow (Marine Brothers) and wives in my unit and from other CUPPs was just great. The reunion was a complete circle in my life. Thanks so much for the internet. I look forward to seeing you all again, Gods speed. I am trying to learn to work Facebook.. So here is my number (Fred's phone number is on our CUPP Marine Facebook site) if you need to contact me. 

 Gordon Stanley Lawrence (Stan) - arrived in VietNam late April 1970 & was assigned to Alpha 1/7 CUPP Team 5. I was WIA on 10/09/70 while on a joint blocking force with CUPP 4. Found out later that Jim Taylor and Ed Wales of CUPP 4 called in my Medevac. I was fortunate to survive as Jack Perry was KIA about 10 feet from me. Jack was killed instantly.

It has been great to re-unite with Former CUPP Marines and form new friendships. We've had 2 CUPP reunions now and have shared many of our CUPP experiences!

For now just send any info you want posted to and I will post it on this page.

Tom Crilly  I served with G/2/5 CUPP 4 , 70 and 71 as leader and CP hill by LZ Baldy. Like to contact former CUPP Marines. Advise me of reunions. I served in CUPP 4 with Jack Perry, Sgt Shrivers. I recognize Tiny Hansen from CA and Carried an M-14 with us in CUPP 4. be fun to make reunion in 2014 can I get info for the event? I live in NJ. 4 hour drive.. Thanks..

From: Craig "Tiny" Hanson... I served in the United States Marine Corps from 1969 until 1972. Vietnam 1970-71. I was with Alpha/1/7 CUPP Team 4, Hawaii for R&R Sept 3rd till 9th, returned to Vietnam and was assigned to Golf 2/5 (which had replaced A/1/7) CUPP Team 4 again. I drove a jeep for Golf 2/5 for about 3 months (October until early January). I spent a week with CUPP Team 6 and then was sent to CUPP Team 5 until we rotated back to the World in March 1971.

From: Dennis Kirkpatrick..  I got in country August 4th, 1969.  I was in A company 4th Marines on the DMZ. Went to A/1/7 mid October 69. Was sent to CUPP 3 January 1970. We had several squad leaders, Reb Marlow, Slim Shearer, then Roy Deal. In March 70 I was moved to CUPP 4 as the squad leader. Then about 6 weeks later I was moved to CUPP 1 as the squad leader. Doany of you guys remember Kirk? Him and I have been in touch for over 40 years.. JB..

CUPP Marines Vietnam

Ernest Bradley, Corpsman for Team 5, Jan-Feb 70

William Chapman Phillips, G/2/5  Medevac'd out 4 Jan 71 with Bill Balance. William was one of our jeep drivers part of the time. 

Bill Ballance, Team 3 Feb-May 70, Team 5 May-Sept, Medevac'd 4 Jan 71 with William Chapman Phillips.