CUPP Marines who attended the 2013 reunion at lake Tahoe


(Combined Unit Pacification Program, Vietnam Conflict)

CUPP Marines Vietnam

2013 CUPP Reunion

Lake Tahoe

Photos by Ed Wales

CUPP Brick Placement

To check where our CUPP Brick has been placed at the Marine Corps Museum go to . Our Brick Number is 21804. It asks for more info but if you just plug in the number you will get the location. photos of the brick are below.

 Photos from The Vietnam Veteran's Memorial Wall, Vietnam Women's Memorial, and the 3 Servicemen's Statue.

CUPP Marines (Above)

Top L to R: James "The Kid" Taylor, Ed Wales, Tim Voors, Craig "Tiny" Hansen,  Rick Stanford and Stan Lawrence. Bottom L to R: Tim Akers, Fred Montes, Austin Johnson, John Berry and John "Babysan" Rumsey. (Not in Photo Calixto Cabrera and Frank Reynolds)

 Photos below by Rick Stanford

Yellow Ball Tournament, Lake Tahoe

L to R: John Berry, John Rumsey, Rick Stanford, Stan Lawrence.

Kneeling: Austin "FO/AO" Johnson

Sea Tiger articles on page 3 of site

Photos below from Fred Neilen

Fred's CUPP web site

1/7 Plaque and Ceremony

USMC Museum

Tahoe Reunion Below

(members only)

2014 Reunion Info

  •      Here are the official dates for the reunion. Check inwill be Saturday  27 September with check out being 2 October. We are going to reserve a block of rooms until Friday the 3rd for those of you who want to stay longer. The rates are $114 for a room with 1 queen sized bed and $ 127 for a room with two queen size beds.
  • We managed to get a good deal on this hotel. The parking is free (it normally can be $34 a night to park in some of the hotels this close to DC). There is also a free breakfast included.
  • The "entertainment" will be as follows with exact dates and times to be determined shortly. We are still juggling the dates/times with the only firm schedule being Saturday and Sunday.

------Saturday the 27th--- WE will have a welcome table set up in the common area of the lobby from about 1300 on. We are planning an informal get together in the early evening.

------Sunday the 28th ---- Bus trip to Gettysburg with a personal tour guide who is a friend of John R's. It will be a whole day trip with dinner at the restaurant that John R's son works at near in Gettysburg.

---- Not yet scheduled:

------Memorial Ceremony at The Wall.

------Trip to USMC Museum with Lunch/Dinner (depending on the time we go) at the Globe and Laurel Restaurant a short distance from the museum. This is a "must go" for all Marines passing through Quantico. It has tons of USMC memorabilia and is owned by a retired WW2 Marine.

-------River Cruise on the Potomac. It is being organized by Stan (who else could set this up except the Cruise Master himself) Don't worry Stan we have your back! Outstanding!!!

------A day on your own in DC with the cruise possibly that evening.

------The Second Annual Yellow Ball Tournament hosted by Austin Johnson. Don't worry Austin. you do not have to pay for it (unless you forget the Yellow Ball).

------Dinner out one night at our favorite Italian restaurant  that John R., Stan and I take our wives to once a year for dinner. We may be able to order their special appetizer if it is available.

Again, the dates for the reunion are set..  Saturday and Sunday events are set.. but the other stuff is till in the works. I hope to have the hotel info later this week. Some of the events will need to be paid up front if you want to attend.. (river cruise and bus to Gettysburg) but we will let you know about that later. We are using a bus for transportation to Gettysburg because our tour guide will ride with us on the bus and explain different features of the battlefield as we travel around the area. We are always up for suggestions (except Saturday and Sunday)

For info on the Reunion or Web Site contact John Berry

 Images above from William Chapman Phillips Team 5

Hotel Info

Be Sure you reserve a room at the Holiday Inn Express in

Springfield, Virginia

There are other Springfields in other states with a Holiday Inn Express so make sure you have the one in Springfield, VA.

 Ask for the block of rooms reserved under CUPP Marine

Here is the link to the main Holiday Inn Express site

Vietnam Era Tunes on youtube




CUPP Team 3 (above)

(L to R) Tom "Pittsburg" Lawlor, John Berry, Nichols, Don Moore, John Barber. Fred Montes is taking the photo.