Suggested Reading

The following book was written about Golf 2/5 CUPP. Rick is in the book.

A Personal War in Vietnam  by Robert Flynn

Another good book about the CAP program is The Village by F.J. West Jr. It is about a CAP unit but very well written.

CUPP Marines Vietnam

   How Many CUPP Teams were there????

            The 1st Marines also had CUPP Teams. Both India (one Platoon) and Mike Companies. We will have to search for these guys. A good place would be their unit web sites.                   

If you served in Alpha 1/7 between January 70 and September 70 or served with Golf 2/5 from September 70 until February 71 (NEW)or a platoon from India Company 1/1 (not sure which platoon) or Mike Company 1/1 you were most likely in a CUPP Unit if you served with these companies during the above dates. Contact us at

What are "CUPP" Marines

If you would like more information about the CUPP units in Vietnam go to the following site:


pages 153 thru 160

also page 225 Pacification Efforts Diminish

Photos from Calixto Cabrera are above

Follow this link to Tiny's photobucket which has the 2013 reunion photos on it.

Good Night Chesty, wherever you are!

Above Photos from Austin Johnson

CUPP Team KIA/Wounded Numbers

In its 18 months of existence the Combined Unit Pacification Program (CUPP) had been effective in increasing Hamlet security and combating enemy guerillas. CUPP Marines, PFs and RFs working with the Marines had killed 578 Communists and captured or brought in 220 more Hoi Chanhs.

CUPP Marine losses amounted to 46 dead and 254 wounded. (these numbers are for the A/1/7 CUPP and G/2/5 CUPPs, I am looking for the stats on the other CUPPs. If anyone has this info please let me know)


CUPP Team Histories and Personal CUPP Team Stories

Dennis Kirkpatrick (Team 1) has come up with a great idea. He suggested we write a "unit" history of each of the teams.

The CUPP program was a short lived one. Jan 70-February 71 

We should be able to get together and correspond with other team members to come up with a history of each team. What do you CUPP guys think of this?

There would also be stories from each of the CUPP CPs and those supporting our teams.

Honoring our Fallen CUPP Marines 

What do you fellow CUPP Marines think about making an album with photos and names of those we lost from our teams?

At our A/1/7 reunion we made an album of all our fallen during the conflict. Alpha Company lost 130 men during its time in Vietnam. The last man to die from Alpha Company was our own William "Bones" Murphy from Team 3 on August 6th 1970.

The link below will take you to the Vietnam Veteran's Memorial Wall volunteer website.

If you scroll down to the bottom of the volunteer site there is an excellent talk about The Wall given by volunteer Allen McCabe.

There are also  buttons for the fact sheet which has information concerning The Wall and those who's names are on it and for an interesting people concerning The Wall.

Firefight (Audio) and Photos CD

The CD must be played on a computer. If it still does not work contact me (JB) and I will send you another. I messed a couple of them up while trying to record them on a blank CD.