CUPP Marines who attended the 2013 reunion at lake Tahoe


(Combined Unit Pacification Program, Vietnam Conflict)

CUPP Marines Vietnam

2013 CUPP Reunion

Lake Tahoe

Photos by Ed Wales

CUPP Brick Placement

To check where our CUPP Brick has been placed at the Marine Corps Museum go to . Our Brick Number is 21804. It asks for more info but if you just plug in the number you will get the location. photos of the brick are below.

 Photos from The Vietnam Veteran's Memorial Wall, Vietnam Women's Memorial, and the 3 Servicemen's Statue.

CUPP Marines (Above)

Top L to R: James "The Kid" Taylor, Ed Wales, Tim Voors, Craig "Tiny" Hansen,  Rick Stanford and Stan Lawrence. Bottom L to R: Tim Akers, Fred Montes, Austin Johnson, John Berry and John "Babysan" Rumsey. (Not in Photo Calixto Cabrera and Frank Reynolds)

 Photos below by Rick Stanford

Yellow Ball Tournament, Lake Tahoe

L to R: John Berry, John Rumsey, Rick Stanford, Stan Lawrence.

Kneeling: Austin "FO/AO" Johnson

Sea Tiger articles on page 3 of site

Photos below from Fred Neilen

Fred's CUPP web site

1/7 Plaque and Ceremony

USMC Museum

Tahoe Reunion Below

2015 Reunion Info

                                 Houston, Texas area

                                    Fall 2015

  •  (May 18, 2015) Info on Reunion to be posted soon !!!!


For info on the Reunion or Web Site contact John Berry at

 Images above from William Chapman Phillips Team 5

Vietnam Era Tunes on youtube




CUPP Team 3 (above)

(L to R) Tom "Pittsburg" Lawlor, John Berry, Nichols, Don Moore, John Barber. Fred Montes is taking the photo.

From Fred Neilin: Here is the web address to a great organization that Fred is a part of. It is called Heroes on the Water. It is a nationwide organization with many chapters. They take disabled vets out fishing on kayaks... Pretty awesome group. Thanks Fred.

Cupp Roster as of May 2015

Edgar Wales

Stan Lawrence

John Rumsey

John Berry

Craig "Tiny" Hanson

Austin Johnson

Frank Reynolds

Calixto Cabrera

Chapman Phillips

James Taylor

Tim Akers

Rick Stanford

Colyer Willams

Roger Barker

Tim Orr

Perry Waltz

David Vaccaro

Tim Voors

Steve Pierce

Mike Skidmore


Pete Straface

Dennis Kirkpatrick

New Guys not yet on Facebook:

Jose Olivares

Terry "Doc" Mell (Mehl)

George Olive

CUPP Marine Roster as of May 2015

Edgar Wales                        Stan Lawrence

Frank Reynolds                   John Berry

John Rumsey                       Austin Johnson

Chapman Phillips               Tim Orr

Tim Akers                             Rick Stanford

James Taylor                        Craig Hanson

Colyer Williams                    Calixto Cabrera

Mike "Doc" Skidmore          Perry Waltz

David "Doc" Vaccaro                      Tim Voors

Steven Pierce                       Roger Barker

Dennis Kirkpatrick              Pete Straface

Jose Olivares                        Terry "Doc" Mell (Mehl)

George Olive                        Fred Montes

John Barber                          Tom Crilly

Bill Balance                           Fred Neilen

Jonny Ruiz                              Ned Pauley


2015 CUPP Reunion, Washington, DC.

2014 CUPP Reunion, Lake Tahoe

2013 CUPP Reunion, Las Vegas